The Awakening of Conscious Leadership Revealed in Monica Lewinsky’s Story

Most were around or heard about the love affair that led to a presidential impeachment and threw a young woman from a little known white house staffer to a publicly shamed woman.  The affair between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was front page news for years.

Just a few days ago Monica Lewinsky did a Ted Talk entitled “The Price of Shame” in which she revealed her difficult experience through her public humiliation.   It is an excellent talk that revealed a number of important points.  And her story is a powerful demonstration of how Conscious Leadership can be born as one accepts difficulties and continues to look for ways to trust life. [Read more…]

What Makes Conscious Capitalism Tick?

Conscious Capitalism Pillars

John Mackey’s and Raj Sisodia’s book Conscious Capitalism has ignited a movement to transform capitalism and business.   Their goal in writing this book was to celebrate all the good that capitalism has done.  Yet, they also point to the ills that have come from a model that over emphasize profit and shareholder value for so many years.  These ills include:

  • Numerous ethical breaks highlighted by the Enron, Arthur Andersen and MCI scandals as well as the financial crisis in 2007.
  • A negative impact on the environment due to unconscious practices by corporations.
  • A work force that is shown to be highly dissatisfied and under engaged (the most recent Gallup poll indicates 67% are disengaged at some level).
  • Escalating burn out in the executive ranks even though executive compensation is at an all time high.

Conscious Capitalism has a compelling credo that sets the stage for an important transformation in business and contains four pillars that include: [Read more…]

Enlightened Leaders Focus on Meaningful Achievement

A few years ago I had the great privilege of coaching some amazing senior partners in one of the world’s largest professional services firms.  At that time, some very unsettling information came to light for the firm that a startling percentage of retiring partners were passing away within five years of leaving the firm.  Clearly the lifestyle of a senior partner in such a firm is hard charging.  Their days start early, their schedules are packed and most get home well after 7pm at night.  Self care is not always at the top of their list as they are plugged in 24/7 to their roles and responsibilities.  The good news is that firm responded aggressively by creating a very robust “whole health” program to support existing partners in achieving more balance and a healthier approach to work and life. [Read more…]

Enlightened Leaders Do Not Judge, They Observe

Power of ObservationHuman beings are meaning making creatures.  We are constantly surveying the environment and making up stories in our head about people, places and things.  All you have to is spend a day paying attention to this in you to see this is true.  For example:

  • You are driving to work and someone passes you and then puts on their brakes in front of you, you quickly react to their stupidity and begin imagining what kind of person they must be.
  • During your first meeting of the day, 1 person shows up 15 minutes late and you react, and make up a story about that.
  • A client demanded a proposal be turned in two weeks ago Friday, you have not heard a thing from them since and you begin to make up reasons for the lack of response.
  • You attend your CEO round table group and one of your peers seems distant to you that day and you find yourself searching in your mind for what you may have done to upset her.

I could go on. And if you examine your own experience you will find many examples where you do this.  It’s automatic judgement that is the work of your ego.  So what is the problem with this?  [Read more…]