Enlightened Leaders Focus on Meaningful Achievement

A few years ago I had the great privilege of coaching some amazing senior partners in one of the world’s largest professional services firms.  At that time, some very unsettling information came to light for the firm that a startling percentage of retiring partners were passing away within five years of leaving the firm.  Clearly the lifestyle of a senior partner in such a firm is hard charging.  Their days start early, their schedules are packed and most get home well after 7pm at night.  Self care is not always at the top of their list as they are plugged in 24/7 to their roles and responsibilities.  The good news is that firm responded aggressively by creating a very robust “whole health” program to support existing partners in achieving more balance and a healthier approach to work and life. [Read more…]

Enlightend Leaders Do Not Judge, They Observe

Power of ObservationHuman beings are meaning making creatures.  We are constantly surveying the environment and making up stories in our head about people, places and things.  All you have to is spend a day paying attention to this in you to see this is true.  For example:

  • You are driving to work and someone passes you and then puts on their brakes in front of you, you quickly react to their stupidity and begin imagining what kind of person they must be.
  • During your first meeting of the day, 1 person shows up 15 minutes late and you react, and make up a story about that.
  • A client demanded a proposal be turned in two weeks ago Friday, you have not heard a thing from them since and you begin to make up reasons for the lack of response.
  • You attend your CEO round table group and one of your peers seems distant to you that day and you find yourself searching in your mind for what you may have done to upset her.

I could go on. And if you examine your own experience you will find many examples where you do this.  It’s automatic judgement that is the work of your ego.  So what is the problem with this?  [Read more…]

The Primary Paradox Faced By All Enlightened Leaders

Sir Richard In The MomentThe most prolific enlightened leaders are of course great visionaries.  One of my favorite enlightened visionary leaders is Richard Branson of the Virgin Brand.  He speaks about his eloquently around vision in this way:

“You are painting a picture, you are trying to create something to make a difference in people’s lives. You have a blank canvas and you are filling in every little bit of that canvas to get every single detail right.  And if that canvas sings out to you at the end as a beautiful picture your business is going to be successful and if bits of the details are not quite right you may fail.  If you set up to change people’s lives you have got to get every little detail right.  You have got to make sure the people that you are working with [Read more…]

Enlightened Leaders Do Not Chase After Success

Clearly you desire to succeed in your business. The desire to create value and experience a growth in your ability to deliver this value is a powerful force to engage each day as a business leader.  Such desire is the fruit of being on purpose and is more than enough inspiration to foster your success.

Yet, I find that many business leaders I speak to are chasing after success and doing so does not serve them.  Many business leaders worry or become frustrated in the quality of their results or [Read more…]